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Full House Season 3 Episode 13

Full House Season 3 Episode 13

Teaser: D.J. and Stephanie are dressing Michelle up. Main Synopsis: Becky invites Jesse to accompany her to a well-cultured soiree, but Jesse declines, because he feels that he wouldn’t fit in. As soon as Jesse discovers that Eric Trent, who was Becky’s English professor in college, will be there, Jesse becomes jealous, afraid that someone who is more intelligent than he is will sweep Becky off her feet, so he studies hard so he can prove to Becky that he’s intelligent enough for her. Meanwhile, D.J. and Stephanie teach Michelle how to insult people, and when Danny hears this, he wants D.J. and Stephanie to teach Michelle that insults are not nice.

Episode Title: No More Mr. Dumb Guy

Air Date: 1990-01-05