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Full House Season 3 Episode 14

Full House Season 3 Episode 14

Teaser: Joey makes Michelle think flowers can dance. Main Synopsis: D.J. wants her own phone number because having only one phone number in a house with 5 other people is driving her crazy. D.J. is willing to pay for the new phone number herself, but she needs a way to earn money, so she takes a job babysitting Brian Kagan, a little terror who really takes a toll on her. The guys are having a poker game in Danny’s kitchen, and Becky and Jesse can’t agree as to where to spend Christmas. Brian ends up getting his head stuck in the railing of the stairs in his house, and Danny leaves the poker game when D.J. calls him about it. Danny helps Brian, and decides to let D.J. have her own phone line because D.J. did the right thing by calling Danny for help when she needed it instead of trying to handle the situation on her own.

Episode Title: Misadventures in Baby-Sitting

Air Date: 1990-01-12