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Full House Season 4 Episode 12

Full House Season 4 Episode 12

Teaser: The guys put Michelle to bed on the night of her 4th birthday. Main Synopsis: While Jesse and Joey are in the forest to try to find a fox to film for a commercial and Becky is out of town, Danny is home by himself with the girls, and he sees an opportunity to prove that he’s a “”superdad””. Danny promises to attend a school science fair that Stephanie has entered a project in. Later, Danny promises to see “”Romeo and Juliet””, a school play where D.J. will play as Juliet. Danny then realizes that he has a big problem — both events are scheduled to take place on the same day at the same time and Stephanie and D.J. each try their best to get Danny to attend the event that they want him to attend. Stephanie wants Danny to go to the science fair, and D.J. wants him to go to the play, but on the big night, Danny doesn’t show up. After the play and the science fair are over, D.J. and Stephanie go home and discover that Danny fell asleep and missed the play and the science fair, and th

Serie: Full House

Guest Star:

Episode Title: Danny in Charge

Air Date: 1990-12-14