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Full House Season 4 Episode 15

Full House Season 4 Episode 15

Teaser: Jesse teaches Michelle how to do a cool walk. Main Synopsis: D.J. organizes a benefit to raise money for a new computer for the school, and Danny will be the host of the benefit show. To prove to D.J. that he’s cool, Danny wants to sing a song at the benefit — “”My Generation”” by The Who. D.J. thinks that if Danny does this, Danny would be so dorky that D.J. won’t ever be able to show her face in school again. Meanwhile, Michelle has come up with a new game — she hides an object, and whoever the object belongs to must find it, and one of the objects she has hidden is the wedding ring Jesse intends to give to Becky at the wedding, and Joey must find it.

Serie: Full House

Guest Star:

Episode Title: Ol' Brown Eyes

Air Date: 1991-01-18