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Full House Season 6 Episode 18

Full House Season 6 Episode 18

Teaser: Jesse, Joey, Michelle, and the twins have a reggae party in the living room. Main Synopsis: Michelle and her friends will be going on a field trip to a local museum of natural history. Danny will be in charge of half the class and Jesse will be in charge of half the class. Michelle chooses to be with Jesse’s group instead of Danny’s group because Michelle thinks Jesse would let the kids have fun while Danny would act like a sergeant who constantly makes too many rules. At the museum, Michelle and Denise accidentally knock over most of a $4,000,000 dinosaur skeleton. This ends the field trip, and at home, Danny blows up at Jesse, and Michelle goes to her room because she believes that this situation is her fault. Danny and Jesse follow Michelle, and Jesse admits that he didn’t do a very good job of being in charge of his group. Danny then admits that he felt hurt by Michelle’s choice to be with Jesse’s group, and that’s why Danny was so hard on Jesse. Danny then admits that he

Episode Title: Please Don't Touch the Dinosaur

Air Date: 1993-02-23