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Full House Season 7 Episode 8

Full House Season 7 Episode 8

Teaser: Michelle, the twins, and Jesse prepare for the reopening of the Smash Club. Main Synopsis: Jesse is now ready to reopen the Smash Club, and Danny, Joey, Becky, D.J., Kimmy, Stephanie, and Michelle will be helping Jesse at the club on this special night. Jesse wants absolutely nothing to go wrong, so he starts acting cranky around everyone. The opening could be a disaster when Jesse ends up locked in the Smash Club’s storage room with Kimmy. As Danny, Joey, Becky, and the girls run the Smash Club the best they can while they think Jesse and Kimmy haven’t showed up yet, Kimmy helps Jesse realize that Jesse was wrong to be cranky around everyone, and this teaches Jesse that if he wants to be a good boss, then he shouldn’t treat his employees the way he treated Danny, Joey, Becky, and the girls. Jesse and Kimmy free themselves from the storage room, and the club has a fairly successful grand opening. At home, Jesse apologizes for the way he treated Kimmy and the family.

Serie: Full House

Guest Star:

Episode Title: Another Opening, Another No Show

Air Date: 1993-11-02